Attention Fund Owner

Roland Mayor fred at
Wed Feb 10 11:08:43 GMT 2021

Dear Fund owner,

We want to inform you that the International Monetary Fund authorized our
bank to release your overdue contract inheritance payment fund amounted
$2.5million to you, Though the fund originated from Europe but from all
the indications, the people in charge of your payment failed woefully to
release your fund to you after all your effort to claim it thus, The IMF
and UN decided to hand your fund over to our bank here in the states so it
can be paid to you via bank to bank wire transfer or online banking
depending the method of payment preferable to you.

You are hereby warned to stop whatever communications you are having with
group of persons or person in regards to your fund because they will
continue to demand money from you with no fruition.

Get back to us immediately for more directives on information we shall be
needing from you so your fund can be released to you via bank to bank wire
payment or online banking which will enable you to access your fund and
also transfer it from your online account to any bank account of your

Make your reply to *****ixdsd1 at*****


Mr. Roland Mayor
Payment Officer

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