Version 3.01 of SysV init released

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Mon Dec 13 19:29:48 GMT 2021

I am pleased to announced the release of SysV init 3.01. The new version
is minor and contains just two notable changes.

The first is that pidof will now show processes in the uninterruptable
sleep (D) state by default. In the past seeing processes in the "D"
state required using the "-z" flag. This is no longer required. Zombie
processes are still hidden by default and only shown when the "-z" flag
is used.

In the past processes with a "D" status were skipped as it could
indicate the process was making use of a NFS (or other network share)
and checking on it could hang pidof. This has been worked around so
showing these sleeping processes is no longer risky.

The other change is a minor check was removed in the inittab parsing
code which always returned false. It's a minor code clean-up.

The new 3.01 release can be downloaded from the Savannah mirrors here:
Bugs can be reported to this list or filed for tracking here:

- Jesse

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