Weird shutdown behaviour...

Pedro David Marco pedrod_marco at
Thu Aug 26 12:25:08 BST 2021


Debian 11, switched to sysvinit according to Debian documentation.

Sysvinit (2.96-7) includes a shutdown version (/sbin/shutdown) that contains a (what i think it is a) bug not present in previous versions of shutdown

It affects to QEMU VMs, like Proxmox, for example, that cannot be shutdown from console.

Basically, to shutdown QEMU-Guest-Agent issues the command

/sbin/shutdown -h -P +0

but /sbin/shutdown refuses to work when -h and -P are present at the same time, although its help says explicitly that "-P can only be used with -h flag".
Older versions of shutdown work correctly!! and /sbin/shutdown -h -P +0 shutdown the machine as expected.Regards and thanks for your great job with sysvinit...


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