Bug#986408: lsb-release: ValueError: could not convert string to float: '6.06 LTS' (was Re: Bug#986408: mali-midgard-dkms: Fail to install/build)

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Tue Apr 6 17:18:27 BST 2021


> > begin 644 986408.patch
> Quite clearly the best format for attachments in the BTS.

well it was convenient on the sending side, as I had both the MTA
and the file on different remote systems. It’s standard enough anyway.

> > Sounds like it’s only relevant to *buntu though?
> That's why I wrote "system configuration confuses lsb_release" -
> probably into thinking its an Ubuntu system, when it should detect
> Debian. At least from the code in lsb_release I guess it does that.


> The lsb-release Maintainers might however actually have more insight

Unlikely, the package moved to debian-init-diversity recently.

> into that and can figure out together with Christian Marillat whats
> going wrong.
> However none of that is relevant for finding the root cause...

Might be. Looking at the patch, it’s most likely harmless though,
and in all currently-working cases a nop… I’m not the one working
on this though, just saw it fluttering by.

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