Bug#971644: elogind: accidentally hitting Fn-F12 crashes the system (dirty filesystem)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sun Oct 4 18:07:09 BST 2020

Mark Hindley dixit:

>Forwarded upstream.


>> Ib ve also just looked at the elogind.conf file I was told to change in
>> one of the two other bugreports I mentioned above. There is some config
>> regarding hibernation, so I guess, now that I know about the problem,
>> I could just turn off as a WORKAROUND *ONLY* (I *assume* changing
>> 	#HandleHibernateKey=hibernate
>> to	HandleHibernateKey=ignore
>> might do the trick)
>Yes, I would expect that to be a good workaround in your case.

OK, I’ve changed that settng now, also for suspend, just to be safe.

>> but then I wonder why this is not ignored by default,
>If there is a consensus that the default should be different, then I am
>happy to change it.

That’s fair. I don’t know all the implicatons of this.

(And sorry again for being annoyed last night. I’ve had a feeling
that elogind, being forked from systemd, has become what it was
meant to avoid. But, yes, we share a common goal; if those tools
we have are lacking they can be improved.)

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does Tom get pain in the arse when Harry is near him?
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