Canonical method to locally disable an init script?

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Mon Nov 23 23:13:07 GMT 2020

>> Okay, so we’ve got a *working* way. Next questions here are:
>> • is this the “officially supported” way? I think so
>>   if so, why does it warn so loudly?

> The warning is there since a while, it just tell you that your setup
> is different from the default chosen by the maintainer. There are
> possibly other cases where such warning makes more sense, I don't know
> for sure.. if it really bothers you then open a wishlist bug against
> insserv.

I'm the upstream insserv maintainer. The insserv program already has a
flag for disabling warnings like the ones you are seeing. The "-q" or
"--silent" flag should prevent the warnings about runlevels from being
printed. We created the "silent" flag for situations like this where
operations were happening in the background the user probably does not
need to know about.

If people feel the warnings are not useful then the place to fix this is
filing a wish list request against whichever script is calling insserv.
My guess is it's update-rc.d in this situation, but I could be mistaken.
Ask them to pass the "--silent" flag to insserv and the warnings should

- Jesse

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