Bug#974651: libelogind0 incompatibel with rsyslog

Lorenzo plorenzo at disroot.org
Sat Nov 14 15:52:23 GMT 2020

Hi Mark,

On 11/14/20 12:33 PM, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Confirmed, after working around packaging issues (bad deps/breaks, a file
> conflict with udev), functionality I use works fine.
Same for me.

Going into some more details of what i've tested:
* session are correctly created ad closed on login/logout;
* actions that would require root privilege like shutdown or mounting an
external drive
  works as expected
* suspend to ram works (used to work also with v243.7 for me, so no
* no longer sends log to the kernel ring buffer (#964006)

However in the log I see
 /etc/elogind/logind.conf:14: Unknown section 'Login'. Ignoring.
 /etc/elogind/logind.conf:38: Unknown section 'Sleep'. Ignoring.

Not sure if it's really ignoring the conf file or what..

Thanks for your work,

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