Bug#968484: wireshark hard-wired to libsystemd0?

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at irif.fr
Wed Nov 11 15:45:14 GMT 2020

Due to this issue, I've just spent 40 minutes of my life determining
Wireshark's dependencies and compiling it from source.  In case it helps:

  - use Wireshark 3.2.8, not the latest stable;
  - you don't need to install, Wireshark works fine from the build directory.

I do feel some nostalgia for the olden times, when using Debian still
meant you could request a package and get the dependencies resolved

> Why on earth would a network traffic analyzer depend on system init?

If you maintain any sort of free software nowadays, you'll spend
a non-negligible amount of time summarily closing pull requests that add
a gratuitious dependency on libsystemd.  It's not a conspiracy, the kids
doing that act in good faith, they really mean to help improve the ecosystem.

-- Juliusz "Grumpy Old Man" Chroboczek

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