Fwd: Bug#466946: rng-tools might be able to not require "stop" on halt/reboot

Trek trek00 at inbox.ru
Tue Nov 10 15:48:25 GMT 2020

as far as I know, if the daemon does not have files opened for writing,
the system should be able to unmount the filesystem correctly

on shutdown, linux modules are not unloaded and the /dev filesystem is
kept mounted, so the hwrng device should remain active

to not have the daemon killed by sendsigs, the init script should link
the pidfile to the /run/sendsigs.omit directory (like rsyslog or udev)

what I don't know is how the system reacts to a non-responding rngd or
how rngd reacts to a non-responding hwrng device

just my 2c :)

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