Bug#926854: sysv-rc: remove check for .legacy-bootordering

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Sun May 31 12:08:16 BST 2020

[2020-05-29 16:17] Thorsten Glaser <tg at debian.org>
> Hi Dmitry,


> >With legacy bootordering gone in 2012, it is safe to remove check for
> >/etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering from /etc/init.d/rc script.
> I disagree here: touching this file was a good way (and needed in some
> cases I don’t remember any more) for getting back reliable boot, and I
> have this file in my standard instructions for setting up a Debian sy‐
> stem… on systems even as recent as buster booting worked with it.
> So please bring it back by reverting commit 340c02c2d3ef1d9cad35129e2.
> I’ll commit that to sysvinit’s packaging repo unless objection is rai‐
> sed within a week.

I can't bring anything back. I gave up all Debian-related credentials.

> Dmitry, sorry to disturb but, if I may ask, what, other than “we don’t
> enable legacy-bootordering any more and require insserv” motivated the
> commit?

Nothing else.

> It’s still useful to avoid parallel boot… (/proc/cmdline can’t
> be controlled in all environments and removing the .depend.* files… is
> probably not right either).

From purity poing of view, I would disagree: if you have very special
situation that you can't configure bootloader to set /proc/cmdline /and/
need sequencial boot, then peeking on implementation detail and removing
/etc/.depend.* is fine answer.

On other hand, from practicality point of view, we are talking about
mere 3 lines, and if they can keep somebody's old-and-tried setup
working, then it worth it.

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