Aw: Re: buster libpam-elogind collides with itself

empro2 at empro2 at
Mon May 25 14:51:00 BST 2020

> > Thorsten is very angry here, but not at _you_.  We had a well-tested
> No, just slightly annoyed by the mails ☻

Tone might not have been ideal, but who am I to think to have stumbled over some interesting paradoxical dependencies in a system that has worked very well for some quarter of a century?

I might have acted a bit rashly, only trying to be helpful while stuck in a dependency loop.

(And I mentioned buster only to provide version, not to request any update or to complain.)

> > > Also, Provides+Conflicts+Replaces is a completely normal
> > > thing in Debian and handled correctly.

Evidently so: it appears to be paradoxical but that libpam is installed and does not vanish in a puff of illogic ;-)

Thanks, sorry, never mind



Normality is merely a question of quantity,
not of quality.

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