Introduction, Google Summer of Code Project - Systemd Unit Translator

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Sun May 17 05:17:50 BST 2020

Hello, everyone!

I'm Gopal and my proposal for the Google Summer of Code Debian Project 
"Systemd Unit Translator" was accepted recently. I have been 
communicating with Mo Zhou who, I realize is also a student in another 
project, pointed me to this mailing list to talk about the specifics of 
the project as well as specifics of discussion. My co-mentor is Benda Xu.

Here's a little bit about the project. In the simplest of terms, this 
project could be seen as building a tool that converts syntax from (in 
most cases) a single file described in INI syntax to a shell script. Or 
if we were to break the parts, a systemd unit (service, socket, timer) 
getting converted into an openrc equivalent (shell script, xinetd, 
crond). Gradually, the other unit types will be covered once basic 
functionality parity is achieved.

You can find my proposal here 
(||) which 
expands on my introduction as well as my understanding of the project. I 
realize that I have been rather late in my introduction and that an 
apology is in order. I'm sorry for the delay. I'd like to ask a few 
things though. Would this mailing list be our official discussion 
channel? Do we need to decide on a time of the day for faster replies or 
do we spread things out? Do I communicate with my mentors directly or 
ask any questions or doubts that I may have about the project here?

Thank you,
K Gopal Krishna
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