not-systemd status in Bullseye?

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Tue Mar 10 20:42:57 GMT 2020


Is the expectation that sysvinit will plausibly work in Bullseye? I see 
elogind and libpam-elogind are in bullseye, but libpam-elogind-compat is 
still only in experimental.

I have a fresh bullseye system that has systemd on (because no option in 
the installer), which runs fvwm and lightdm, but I'm not sure how likely 
a move to sysvinit is to work - AFAICS, systemd prerm will refuse to run 
if systemd is init, making switching hard...

Any suggestions / pointers / help, please?

I think it'd be worth asking the installer folk to add an init system 
choice (even if only in expert mode); but even given that, It'd be nice 
to switch my system without total chaos...



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