Runit integration for additional services

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Wed Jun 10 16:31:00 BST 2020

Dear Lorenzo.

plorenzo at - 01.06.20, 01:40:17 CEST:
> Ah, this is gong to be long, sorry in advance
> May 30, 2020 7:36 AM, "Martin Steigerwald" <martin at> 
> > I finally tested how easy it is to switch to runit as init (via
> > package runit-init).
> > 
> > [ ... ]
> > 
> > I had to do the "Yes, do what I say" thing… but other than that I am
> > astonished at how easily this went. There had been *no* issues
> > whatsoever. This *just worked*. I certainly did not expect that.
> Yes, the '"Yes, do what I say" thing' makes it looks far worst than it
> is.
> > I like that as it makes it easy for me now to switch over some other
> > services. I do have one candidate to start with and that is
> > thinkfan.
> I won't steal you the fun of writing a runscript for thinkfan, if you
> need help ask 
> Just uploaded my personal collection of runscripts [1], there is also
> a very verbose template with examples, you can use that for writing
> new services. If you're going to try some runscript from the
> collection let my know how it works, i need testers!

I just like to say thanks for your long and detailed answer. I read it 
already, however I did not come by to look at the topic again.

Well not completely, I found that UMASK from /etc/login.defs does not 
get set with fgetty. Thus I removed that package for now as agetty from 
util-linux sets it. I intend to file a report about that, although I 
believe it may be intentional (checkpassword.login not using PAM).

I will have a look at your collection and I like to use those that apply 
to services I use on my laptops. So I will likely test them. And also 
see what to do about thinkfan.

By the way, I did some unit for regular users integration thing some 
time ago, but I am not really happy with it and like to redo it. It is 

A generic frontend for managing services via runit that works both for 
system and for user services may be better.

Anyway, as I do that all in my spare time and have lots of other ideas 
what to do with spare time, it can take $RANDOM amount of time till I 
get to at least some of this. But I for sure know where I can find your 
helpful mail again once I get to it.

> [1]

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