Response to active removal of initscripts

Matthew Vernon matthew at
Wed Jul 29 11:24:24 BST 2020


On 28/07/2020 18:10, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Dear alternative init community!
> Martin Steigerwald - 22.07.20, 20:12:51 CEST:

>> I thought about writing something similar to the bug report, starting
>> with "Dear Michael" and doing my best to keep friendly and
>> constructive… but I have been postponing this. I have enough conflict
>> in my life right now without that already. So if anyone else likes to
>> step up for this, be my guest. I certainly do support that.
> I now did, hoping for the best.

Thank you! I see Mark reopened 921012 (the logind dependency for 
network-manager) also, so we have a coherent set there.

Here's hoping...



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