systemd unit to OpenRC layer (Was: Response to active removal of initscripts)

Tito farmatito at
Fri Jul 3 13:34:10 BST 2020

On 7/3/20 8:54 AM, Benda Xu wrote:
> Hi Lorenzo,
> Lorenzo <plorenzo at> writes:
>> On 02/07/20 21:54, Tito wrote:
>>> I know nothing about debian packaging. That said you will excuse 
>>> me if I say horribly stupid things.
>>> Let us taken for granted that for the near future things will stay
>>> the same and therefore more and more init-scripts will  be removed
>>> from packages. What could be a viable solution besides forking
>>> all this packages, a effort that could overwhelm devuan's manpower?
>>> I would suggest creating a initscritps-extras package, where all
>>> the orphaned init-scripts (and more..) could be collected with 
>>> eventually needed support files (like those in /etc/default/).
>>> Most of the scripts (if not all) have a test to check if the
>>> daemon is installed e.g:
>>> test -x "$MDADM" || exit 0
>>> so they could not do any harm. The only problem I can think about
>>> is that the user needs to run insserv manually to enable the script
>>> in the various runlevels (but maybe this could be achieved automagically).
>>> Just my 0,2 cents.
>>> Ciao,
>>> Tito
>> Yes this is a viable option, but:
>> you need to fix the dependency problem (some of those packages have a
>> depends on systemd), see my other message
>> it's not just insserv, you need a way to convey info from the package
>> maintscripts so that update-rc.d
>> and invoke-rc.d actions are perfomed during install/upgrade/remove/purge.
>> I can try a prototype package and post it here (i already have some code
>> because I need to do the same for runit), but only if there is at least
>> a DD that is going to review and sponsor such package
> Adam and I am mentoring a GSoC project to make a systemd.unit to OpenRC
> scripts translator,
> which might interest you.
> Yours,
> Benda


I was thinking about if it is possible to use systemd units as common
config file for all other alternative init systems, it could be a pro
politically but on the other hand with all the mess of files they have
scattered around the file system it seems  sub-optimal at a second glance,
just more file salad.

I think a cleaner solution would be 
1) rip out the init scripts from the various packages (debian developers will
   surely be eager to help in that),

2) keep them stored e.g in /usr/lib or /usr/share

3) copy or hard link or link them to init.d when the relevant package is installed
   (hijack some apt calls to achieve that?)

4) clean up the init system scripts (some work is being done...)

5) would be nice if somehow alternative init systems could share this files
   (more eyes, less bugs, more manpower to keep things going).
   Could think about a config file (ripped from systemd.units
   or original stuff but we mainly need the ExecStart and Description line).
   OTOH following the KISS principle the easiest solution would be to put
   everything in the init script and ignore even /etc/default which I 
   suspect will be one of the next candidates for removal by systemd.
Just some free flow thoughts.


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