Bug#851747: sysvinit-utils: drop Essential flag

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Tue Jan 28 15:38:36 GMT 2020

Hi Andreas,

thanks for your interest in this topic.

Aside from /bin/pidof, we also have


I haven't checked codesearch if those binaries are used outside of
sysvinit/initscripts. Have you investigated those recently?

And there is also

Those are the more tricky ones. A lot of init scripts use them.
Not having those installed will render the init scripts of packages
broken. It's less of an issue, if a package ships a native service file.
(Do we know for how many this is the case, i.e. no .service file, SysV
init script using init-d-script and/or vars.sh?)
Also, we have /etc/init.d/foo → redirection to systemctl broken unless
/lib/lsb/init-functions is the first thing that is sourced.
Maybe that breakage is acceptable? Dunno.
What are your thoughts here?

Given the size of the sysvinit-utils package, last time I looked into
this I concluded it's probably not worth the trouble. But maybe things
have changed by now.


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