Survivors of GR, please show that you're alive and kicking!

Joost van Baal-Ilić joostvb-debian-init-diversity at
Fri Jan 10 18:07:08 GMT 2020


Lorenz: thanks for breaking the indeed somewhat scary silence here.

There's also
: Gerrit Pape orphaned all his djb-ish packages (daemontools, qmail, ...):

 #947694 O: checkpw -- checks password which is stored in ~/Maildir/.password
 #947705 O: ucspi-proxy -- Connection proxy for UCSPI tools

.  I am still very much interested in proper support for non-systemd init
systems in Debian.  However, I cannot commit to any substantial investment of
time in the short term.

Any init-diversity enthousiast planning to visit FOSDEM, feb 1 and 2 in
Brussels?  I'll be hanging out at the Debian booth.  Would be happy to meet.



On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 01:54:32PM +0100, Lorenz wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> It's been holiday time and the result of the GR was really bad, so I
> understand many of you decided to spend some time AFK.
> Anyway this radio-silence on the list, with the only message beeing
> Dmitry's retirement, is becoming creepy and discouraging.
> Things are moving fast, I believe that standardizing over sysuser.d and
> tmpfiles.d is already a fact in Debian, while DynamicUsers and Timers are
> also on the table.
> Some action is needed to mitigate the effect of this wave now and keep open
> the space for some kind of alternative, at least downstream (Devuan).
> Are DDs and other contributor in this list still active or they are giving
> up?
> Maybe there is someone available for review and sponsorship?
> Regards,
> Lorenzo

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