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Wed Jan 1 11:20:55 GMT 2020

Dear Dmitry!

Dmitry Bogatov - 28.12.19, 19:42:48 CET:
> Hello. I quit Debian project.
> Orphan bugs are filled. NM frontdesk, please finish my retirement
> process: I have issues with SSO. This email is signed.
> Dear Init Diversity Team, please drop me from list of maintainers, and
> good luck.
> Backtrace:

I am sad to read that (again). I wondered how to reply.

Two things:

1) I thank you very much for your invaluable work on triaging bugs in 
SysVInit. I truly appreciate it. I pointed it out to Debian people 
repeatedly when someone there wrote that Sysvinit would basically be 
unmaintained. Which was not true in two ways actually. Jesse Smith 
picked up SysVInit maintenance and you did bug triaging and fixing as 
well. And others helped, for example Mark with elogind.

2) Wherever you go from there, I wish you relief from what you went 
through during your work for SysVInit and other init freedom related 
packages. And much success with letting go what does not align with your 
highest good anymore. May you find a good new home within another 

I thought about asking you to reconsider, but I won't. I truly respect 
your decision. And I can understand it although I was not that deeply 
involved as you were. Basically I am considering to leave Debian project 
as well. I am not yet at that point tough as I intend to watch for the 
practically outcome of the GR as for me it very much depends on what 
people will make out of it. Honestly written my hopes are quite low at 
the moment.

All the best to you and those you care about.

Have a Happy New Year!

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