Are you still alive? Urgent reply is needed

Coris Bank derek at
Fri Feb 21 22:38:44 GMT 2020

Dear Beneficiary,

Please confirm if you are still alive because two gentle men 
walked into my office this morning to claim your inheritance 
funds with our bank. They said you are dead and that they are 
your representatives. 

On November 21, 2008. A business man (name withheld for security 
reasons) walked into our bank to open a NON RESIDENCE ACCOUNT and 
made you his NEXT OF KIN.
I got your email address from the file of your benefactor as his 
It's been years we confirmed your benefactor's death and you have 
not contacted our bank to claim your inheritance. You have a 
total balance of €29,071,970.00.

The gentlemen submitted an address where they want your VISA 
ATM CARD sent.

If you are still alive, please indicate by sending your full
contact details within 7 day of receiving this message, failure
to do so, I will send the card to the address submitted by your


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