Bug#975591: update-rc.d disable

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Sun Dec 20 23:35:57 GMT 2020

On Sun, 20 Dec 2020, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Thorsten Glaser writes ("Bug#975591: update-rc.d disable"):
> > On Sun, 20 Dec 2020, Tom H wrote:
> > > It depends what's meant by "disable".
> >
> > Which part of “disable an init script” did you not understand?
> This is really rather rude.  It seemed to me that Tom was asking
> reasonable questions.

Sorry, I was getting slightly fed up repeating the same thing as
was written both literally only a few lines atop his question *and*
in the Subject for most of the thread.

> I have come into the middle of this conversation and am missing many
> technical details (and am full of wine)

I see ;-) no worries either.

Let me summarise what has happened:

• I was wondering which was the correct way to disable an init script.
  I found that
  – update-rc.d remove works but does not persist across package upgrades
  – update-rc.d disables the service, not the init script, by calling
    the init script with 'stop' in every runlevel, which is not the same,
    as it would also stop manually-started instances

• I request a reliably way to disable an initscript
  (which I have use case for)

• Bob Proulx requests that the current functionality of disabling a
  service not be removed, as he has use cases for that

• update-rc.d from init-system-helpers offers the interface, but…

• … insserv keeps state *only* by the presence of the K and S symlinks,
  so, to correctly implement disabling an initscript, first insserv
  must be extended

• I’m still pondering whether this is RC for sysvinit systems, as
  fully disabling initscripts used to work (at least by manually
  removing all S and K symlinks, and IIRC by update-rc.d invocations)

• Today I additionally started wondering how systemd handles this,
  especially if it supports both semantics… but of mere curiosity,
  not because I have use case for that

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