Bug#971713: sysstat: init or systemd file has overlapping runlevels

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Tue Dec 15 16:45:40 GMT 2020

On 2020-12-15 11:31 a.m., Trek wrote:
> @Jesse Smith: I attached a possible fix, but it slightly changes the
> behavior, as now it prints the overlapping warning when loading all the
> init.d scripts and not only for the ones in the commandline
> this because if script_inf.default_start and stop are empty, they are
> overwritten by the levels gathered from rc.d links and I do not fully
> understand the implications of removing those overwrites, so I just
> moved the code before this part
> the second patch is for the manpage about empty fields, that are
> allowed by insserv, but probably it could be explained better
> please to tell me if you need some more info or work to be done :)

Thanks for taking a look at this and sending in the patch.

I gave the patch a test run and, while I like what it does in theory, in
practise I'm running into trouble with it. When I use the attached patch
and then run "make check" in the insserv source directory, inssrev
segfaults after about eight tests. I haven't had a chance yet to hunt
down what is causing the problem, but I'm guessing a variable is getting
used before it is given a value/initialized.

The output from the test run is included at the bottom of this e-mail.

If you could please take a look at it and make sure the new insserv code
passes the "make check" tests, I'll give it another test run here and
get the new patch merged upstream.

- Jesse

info: test normal boot sequence scripts, and their order

insserv: Could not read script nolsbheader: No such file or directory
insserv: warning: script 'nolsbheader' missing LSB tags
insserv: Could not read script nolsbheader: Success
insserv: warning: script 'nolsbheader' missing LSB tags
suite: line 104: 11856 Segmentation fault      $insserv $debug -c
$insconf -i $insservdir -p $initddir -o $overridedir $script
success: 0 test executed, 0 nonfatal tests failed.
make: *** [Makefile:165: check] Error 139

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