Bug#971713: sysstat: init or systemd file has overlapping runlevels

Lorenzo plorenzo at disroot.org
Mon Dec 14 02:54:28 GMT 2020

On Sun, 13 Dec 2020 19:44:01 +0100
Trek <trek00 at inbox.ru> wrote:

> on new installations, simply adding the correct levels (0 1 6) to the
> script should fix the bug, but to fix on upgrades you should remove
> those links before running insserv, that is adding something like that
> to postinst inside the configure step:
>   # new Default-Stop (see #971713)
>   if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" le '12.4.0-2'; then
>      update-rc.d -f sysstat remove
>   fi
> this will also remove any tweaking done by user, that should be
> annotated inside the NEWS.Debian file
> I would like to provide you a patch, but I can't find where the init.d
> file is enabled inside the sysstat postinst, that should be:
>   update-rc.d sysstat defaults
> ciao!


if you are searching in the source under /debian directory, the code
that you are looking for will be written by dh-installinit in place of
the #DEBHEPLER# placeholder, during the build of the package.
To find out what the postinst will look like just compare the one in the
source with the one in the deb package in the archive.


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