Help with #953875: permission to ship /etc/inittab in runit integration

Lorenzo plorenzo at
Mon Apr 27 00:36:09 BST 2020

Dear list,
Dear sysvinit maintainers,

I have issues with #953875 (intalling runit will force an init switch
systemd --> sysvinit).

Currently, the best idea that I have is to merge all runit-integration
(runit-sysv and runit-systemd) into one new package, and drop the
dependency with any specific init system, thus solving the bug.

The problem: the sysv integration respawns runsvdir adding a line in
/etc/inittab and since I want to drop the dependency on sysvinit-core,
there is no guarantee that the inittab file exists at install time.
In such case I need to copy inittab from somewhre (likely
/usr/share/runit/ ) into /etc/ .

Of course, if someone has some other idea I will be happy to hear it :)


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