Tool to parse systemd unit files

Lorenz at
Tue Sep 24 16:55:10 BST 2019

Hi !

I'm working on similar idea, but for runit [1]. Mine it's a shell script
that uses sed, grep awk to parse unit files, I've already been told that
it would be better to use a python engine instead, but I don't have time
to learn a new tool right now.
So if you keep separeted the code that parse and extract all the info that
needed for a service and the part that write to a sysv template, I think
I will use your parsing tool instead of my
and only keep the part of my code that writes to a runit template.
Other inits like s6 may use your parsing tool as well.

But I'm curious, systemd unit usually start a process in foreground, while
Sysv wants to background a process: how are you dealing with this?


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