On stuck migration, help needed

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Wed Sep 18 15:01:52 BST 2019

[2019-09-18 00:10] Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser at tarent.de>
> part       text/plain                 675
> On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, Dmitry Bogatov wrote:
> > Sorry, failed to understand your idea. Startpar does not depends on
> > insserv at all, it build-depends and autopkgtest-depends on it.
> Yes, so there’s maybe no problem.
> Keep Build-Depends as is, lower the version constraints on
> autopkgtest-depends, and in the tests themselves, detect if
> it is too old for the tests, and if so, skip the tests.

Thanks. Got it. Made upload.
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