Bug#938952: [debian Buster] [arm64 pinebook] [sysvinit-core] libsoup2.4-1 : Depends: glib-networking (>= 2.32.0) but it is not going to be installed

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Sun Sep 1 14:23:57 BST 2019

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[2019-08-30 16:44] Jean-Marc LACROIX <jeanmarc.lacroix at free.fr>
> Package: sysvinit
> Version: 2.93-8
> Severity: grave
> Dear maintainers,
> It seems there is a dependency issue when installing sysvinit-core as 
> indicated in following trace
> [...]
> Package: *systemd*
> Pin: release *
> Pin-Priority: -1

I think problem is here. *systemd* matches `libsystemd0`, and given that
even apt depends on `libsystemd0`, you are unlikely to solve any


 * Try installing something else, like `tor'. I expect you will get
   similar error (`tor' depends on libsystemd0, sigh)
 * Replace `*systemd*' with `systemd' (without wildcard) in your
   apt-pinnings and try installing sysvinit-core again.
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