elogind testing migration

Mark Hindley mark at hindley.org.uk
Wed Oct 30 21:19:11 GMT 2019


The good news is that the 2 RC bugs against src:elogind blocking its migration
to testing were closed today. I am very grateful to Ian Jackson and Sam Hartman
for their help with this. This means that we are back to the position as in

However, britney is still not migrating elogind to testing, and I don't
understand why. The britney log shows

trying: elogind
skipped: elogind (0, 10, 340)
    got: 41+0: a-3:a-1:a-1:a-1:i-30:m-1:m-1:p-1:s-2
    * i386: elogind, libelogind-dev, libelogind0, libpam-elogind

My reading of this is that i386 is the (first) problem arch. But I cannot see
what the problem is.

I know that alpha, ia64, m68k, riscv64, sh4, sparc64 are currently
BD-Uninstallable (and I have a fix for that pending, see #940681). Is that the
cause of the migration failure, despite what the britney log says?

I am reluctant to ask the Release Team as the last time I did that they put a
manual block on elogind!

Thanks for any suggestions.


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