Bug#943583: sysv-rc: information from the Policy Manual for README.runlevels

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Tue Oct 29 02:13:41 GMT 2019

control: tags -1 +pending

[2019-10-26 14:11] Sean Whitton <spwhitton at spwhitton.name>
> We are removing some implementation details of the runlevels system from
> the Policy Manual.  Most of the information is duplicated in
> README.runlevels as shipped by sysv-rc, and is anyway not relevant to
> package maintainers as such, who are only allowed to invoke update-rc.d.
> Directly comparing the text we're removing with the contents of
> README.runlevels, however, reveals that the old Policy Manual text
> assumes a lot less knowledge of classic UNIX init practices than does
> README.runlevels.
> It seems to me that someone who had only ever worked with systems using
> systemd, and who now needed to learn how sysvinit runlevels work, would
> have an easier time of it if they had the Policy Manual text in addition
> to README.runlevels.
> In particular, these three paragraphs explain ideas which are (at least
> partially) implicitly assumed by README.runlevels:
> [...]

Thank you for you work on comparing with README.runlevels. I included
provided paragraphs.

> but I'm not sure this text has actually ever been updated since Ian
> Jackson wrote it the mid-nineties.

It seems it is still correct. I double-checked last part, about
runlevels 0/6, reading source of /etc/init.d/rc -- it is still accurate.
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