Request for action on #911165

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at
Tue Oct 22 23:15:21 BST 2019


Folks, we need to move #911165 forward.

Right now Policy demands[1] that for every systemd service file, one
init.d script is provided. Given that systemd practice is to use many
.service files as equivalent of single init.d script, this policy
requirements are plainly ignored. My attempt to create Lintian check,
that embodies current Word Of Policy resulted in ~800 RC errors.

Obliviously, Policy needs to be adjusted. Ian proposed nice and short
amendment to policy, which preserve spirit: sysvinit must be supported,
but is more flexible, so not much of packages classified as RC-buggy.

If we do nothing, sooner or later somebody would come with another
amendment, that resolves 800 RC errors, but not so favorable to our
cause: amendment that will drop any mention of sysvinit from Policy

Hence, I urge all able-bodied^W^W^W Debian Developers on this list to
second Ian's patch on

[1] As in MUST.
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