Bug#938952: [debian Buster] [arm64 pinebook] [sysvinit-core] libsoup2.4-1 : Depends: glib-networking (>= 2.32.0) but it is not going to be installed

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Fri Oct 11 21:51:54 BST 2019

[2019-10-07 22:44] Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser at tarent.de>
> On Mon, 7 Oct 2019, Jean-Marc LACROIX wrote:
> > It seems that now all is ok, because sysvinit is correctly installed on Debian
> > 10.1
> Yes, but the other packages are not yet ready for elogind
> in Debian 10.anything and never will, because Debian 10.x
> was released in April 2019, and this will not get updated.
> (Backporting elogind once everything works will help, but
> not enough, because other packages hard-depend on (usually)
> libpam-systemd and lack the | logind alternative.)
> If you wish to use elogind, either be prepared to do
> unspeakably evil things (such as editing the internal
> dpkg status database, which I did to great success on
> an RPi last week) or upgrade to unstable (in which the
> only missing piece polkit-qt is).

I think this /particular/ bug should be closed (just did it).
While situation with elogind is tought, there is nothing can be done
about it in src:sysvinit.
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