Bug#926896: sysvinit-utils: pidof is unreliable

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 4 16:11:38 GMT 2019


I appreciate you doing some clean-up on the code and addressing the
zombie/sleeping process issue.

When I was applying the patch the part addressing the missing zombie
process did not apply and when I looked closer at the code it appears
that you are fixing is something that was already fixed in the most
recent version of pidof. The code you removed to make sure pidof checks
for processes in the D or Z states is already skipped in the most recent
version when the "-z" flag is used.

I'm still applying the checks you put in for memory freeing and removing
old comments. The bit about checking for zombies/sleeping processes
though we've already addressed upstream in version 2.96.

- Jesse

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