Sergey Walton tatcoleb at
Fri Mar 29 06:32:11 GMT 2019

Dear Prospective Partner,

Would you be interested in partnering with an Ultra High Net 
Worth Individual - UHNWI' in a multi-dollars investment finance 
in your country? These Investment funds are purely earned from 
private and corporate investment portfolios under our direct 

With our group capital funds, we can finance your signatory 
projects and help you to enhance your business sectors requiring 
financial expansion. This is an exclusive funding proposal that 
we are proud to offer and we leverage finance against an SBLC or 
a Bank Guarantee for astute borrowers or those who are asset 

Since we cannot determine if this is the right place to discuss 
such transactions or if the e-mail is still functional and also 
your willingness to partake in this, we have kept this proposal 
brief. Let me your know thoughts.



Sergey Walton
Bulletproof Investors Group
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