Bug#694986: flash-kernel: postinst modifies /etc/default/rcS

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 13 08:13:34 GMT 2019

> * What will break if FSCKFIX=yes will be set on by default?

There's an open bug for changing the default to yes, #637087.
Reportedly, what might break is MD/LVM setups if fsck gets mistakenly
run with -y on the wrong device; the discussion about this is rather

> By the way neither -a nor -y mentioned in fsck(8) (but mentioned in
> fsck.ext4(8)). Is it okay?

It was removed from fsck(8):


> fsck: remove fs-specific options from man page

Even then it stated:

> Options to different filesystem-specific fsck's are not standardized.
> If in doubt, please consult the man pages of the filesystem-specific
> checker. Although not guaranteed, the following options are supported
> by most filesystem checkers:

So I think there's some kind of issue with passing -a or -y in the
general case; hopefully they are at least silently ignored by most
implementations, aren't they?

Pierre Ynard

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