Bug#632091: initscripts: rootfs over nfs hangs at reboot

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 9 17:59:52 GMT 2019

> > My opinion is that /etc/init.d/reboot should honor NETDOWN, and
> > source it from /etc/default/halt. And then NETDOWN should be
> > documented in /etc/default/halt, as requested in #703844.
> Actually, #696910 suggests that NETDOWN could also be disabled if
> iSCSI is detected.

Sorry for changing my mind again, but I found yet another bug about
this, #632091, which points out that /etc/init.d/networking already
uses extensive code to detect iSCSI and other network mounts. So maybe
we should reuse that code in halt and reboot scripts to disable -i; and
also integrate and support NETDOWN at reboot, because apparently people
have been using it to handle this kind of setup, in addition to its
original purpose about wake-on-lan.

Allowing the admin to configure /etc/default/halt is good, detecting
failure cases so it works out of the box is better. And if we
don't want to expand initscripts knowledge about every problematic
network filesystem, considering that other packages can't edit
/etc/default/halt, it might be even better to let them drop files
somewhere, maybe in /run/network, to signal this.

Pierre Ynard

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