Bug#608862: network-manager: automounted nfs volumes no longer mount when connecting with wireless

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 8 21:45:51 GMT 2019

tags 608862 -moreinfo
merge 608862 602212
severity 608862 minor
retitle 608862 asynchronous mountnfs fails on stray lock

> I looked into this issue a bit more, and it looks like all I needed
> to do is remove the /var/run/network/mountnfs lock directory to get
> it working again. Either there was a bad version sometime that didn't
> clean it up or something crashed or killed it before it could remove
> the directory, but it seems to work fine now.

Interesting choice to lock using mkdir, considering that a stray
/var/run/network/mountnfs lock would never get removed by bootclean.sh
because it's a directory. I'm going to assume that's what happened then.

Nowadays /run is a tmpfs so that issue is mostly moot.

I suppose we could still improve that locking or make sure stray locks
are properly removed before mountnfs operations are started.

Pierre Ynard

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