Bug#636339: Missing directory structure in /var/run

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 8 00:49:46 GMT 2019

retitle 636339 Please provide mechanism to create directory structure in /var/run tmpfs
severity 636339 wishlist


> I don't use init scripts, and even if i did, the runit FastCGI
> services might still get started before my init script.

I don't know how runit services work, but if this is supported, the best
in your case might be to modify your FastCGI service to let it create
its socket directory right when it's going to be needed. Otherwise,
I surmise you can create another service doing just that with proper
dependencies to ensure they're run in the right order.

> So I need a simple way to have a persistent directory tree under
> /var/run (I guess we can agree that writing new rcS.d scripts isn't an
> option).

Nothing prevents you from creating your own new rcS.d script or editing
an existing one, like /etc/init.d/mountkernfs.sh, to create your
directory structure right after it mounts /run.

I agree that a general-purpose tmpfiles.d or equivalent could be a good
thing to have. However, initscripts can already be edited to add in such
small setups, any external tool providing such a configurable feature
can already plug itself into the boot sequence, and tmpfs /run and
/var/run are long standard now, so I'm downgrading this to wishlist.

Michael, how hard does systemd-tmpfiles depend on systemd, and what
would you think of splitting it into a separate binary package?

Pierre Ynard

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