Bug#601054: add comments to /etc/init.d/.depend.* saying what program put them there

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Wed Mar 6 14:35:58 GMT 2019

control: tags -1 +fixed-upstream

[2019-03-04 20:59] Jesse Smith <jsmith at resonatingmedia.com>
> > I take off my Debian hat, and as regular user ask you, upstream
> > maintainer, can you please .depends files from /etc/ to /var, to improve
> > compliance with FHS.
> This how now been done upstream and it will be implemented in the next
> releases of insserv and startpar.  Both programs will default to using
> /var in the future, with a legacy option to use /etc if the
> administration wishes.

Great! Thank you for your work.
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