Bug#585398: sysv-rc: sysv-rc fails to convert at each upgrade

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 5 20:43:01 GMT 2019

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> Could you please provide a way for me to tell sysv-rc to keep its hands
> off my configuration as I'm not using sysvinit and would rather keep it
> that way?  Alternatively, make it not try to convert on each upgrade,
> but just try once.

> I think this is pointing to the fact that having removed and not purged
> packages is not some exceptional state, it's a fairly normal state and
> having Priority: required packages failing to deal with it is a serious
> (not as in the bug severity) bug.

> The main point here is: I don't want to migrate, and I'm at the point of
> pondering just adding an equivs package to sysv-rc to make it stop
> annoying me on upgrades.
> Also, I think trying to force people to convert against their will is
> silly and wrong and all and while I hope to convince you, I'll be happy
> to take this to the TC to make the annoying debconf notices stop.


Recently we've been closing several years-old abandoned bug reports
about these dependency-based boot ordering transition warnings and
errors; as they're outdated, often the result of old cruft and
irrelevant now. But I wanted to make sure to check with you if things
are okay now?

A lot has changed in almost 10 years. The migration check generating
these errors was loosened and made more graceful, but the debconf
question was removed, the migration made mandatory, and failure was
turned into a fatal abort. However you said you don't use sysvinit, so
nowadays maybe you haven't had to keep those packages installed?

I really empathize with what you say about not forcing people to convert
against their will. I'm sorry that these debconf notices and the
sysvinit packages caused you pain. However that ship has sailed now. Is
there anything you'd still want us to do in the current context, and if
so, what?

Pierre Ynard

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