Bug#567071: what is the purpose of fstab-decode

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 5 15:56:25 GMT 2019

>>> [Dmitry Bogatov]
>>> Also, reference to fstab(5) and this particular paragraph may be useful:
>> Not as much as you would think.  The idiosyncratic encoding applies to 
>> more than just that 1 field, and encodes more than what is stated, but 
>> does not generalize to octal escaping as one might guess.
> fstab(5) may be not perfect, but it still contains information. I
> believe adding fstab(5) to SEE-ALSO of fstab-decode(8) would be useful.

I have expanded the fstab-decode page a little and put in a reference to
the fstab(5) page.

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