Bug#764786: initscripts: forced fsck on root filesystem doesn't give progress after installing sysvinit-core

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 5 04:17:52 GMT 2019

tags 764786 moreinfo
severity 764786 minor

> After installing sysvinit-core and associated systemd stuff, I had a
> situation where the root filesystem had been mounted 34 times without
> checking and an fsck was forced.

I'm confused by your setup. Which init was in use then, systemd or
sysvinit? What changed compared to before?

> The fsck completed successfully but there was no progress indication
> unlike previously and I could not even tell if fsck was running or if
> the boot process had hung until it completed.

Could you give more details about the fsck that gave no progress
indication, and how it differed from fsck previously? It was on the same
system, same disk and same root filesystem as before, wasn't it? Which
filesystem type was it? Did you use some graphical boot, was the boot
sequence simply less verbose than before?

Could this be some issue similar to #813176 affecting systemd-fsck?

Pierre Ynard

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