Bug#524094: base: Sometimes usb disk fails to mount on boot

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 5 01:11:14 GMT 2019

severity 637054 normal
merge 510367 524094 637054

> The disk has some powersaving feature and takes a few seconds to 'wake
> up.' I wonder if the boot scripts call the mount command before the
> device nodes have been created??

Yes, this is what happens. Unfortunately there is no way to predict how
long a USB disk is going to take to be detected, if it ever is, so this
is not an easy problem to solve.

> mount_all_local() {
>         mount -a -t nonfs,nfs4,smbfs,cifs,ncp,ncpfs,coda,ocfs2,gfs,gfs2 -O no_netdev
> }
> Now that function is supposed to mount all local filesystems?? But it
> will only mount the ones of the specified types, and the list omits
> common types like ext2 and ext3 (my problem partitions being ext3).

No, the list starts with "no" which means that on the contrary, it
really specifies a list of filesystem types that will not be mounted.
ext3 and others will be mounted fine by this, changing this line won't
solve the problem.

Pierre Ynard

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