Bug#571241: checkroot.sh: should not try to fsck rootfs on ubifs

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 3 18:43:13 GMT 2019

Also discussing the more general issue of selective bootup fsck in
#408954 as of recently.

> Is it ok for you, to create a dummy fsck.ubifs in parallel to
> fsck.nfs?

If we decide to go that way, I think it would be better to modify
the fsck.nfs script to make it generic, and just symlink it for any
filesystem that we need to cope with.

You could also modify /etc/fstab to set the pass field to 0, since
I suppose it's fixed now. Which brings the question, why would the
installer write an /etc/fstab requesting fsck of ubifs, which is
impossible? Should the installer be modified to be more selective about
filesystems when writing /etc/fstab?

Or as mentioned in #408954, we could also modify initscripts to add
checks and logic that disable fsck on ubifs by default in some way or

Pierre Ynard

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