Bug#540866: insserv might not remove all

jsmith at resonatingmedia.com jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Wed Jul 24 23:08:27 BST 2019

I tried out the provided script (thank you for supplying it) and tried it
out in a few scenarios. From my tests on the current version of insserv
(1.20.0) it looks like the program is performing as expected. The script,
when run, gives the results expected given the overrides file.

Running insserv -d <script> uses the defaults listed in the script.
Running insserv -r <script> removes the script from all runlevels.
Running insserv <script> when an override file is in place uses the
runlevels specified in the override.

Since this bug is about ten years old, I suspect the issue was quietly
fixed before I started work on insserv. We can probably mark this one as
"fixed", unless someone reproduces the problem with a modern version of

- Jesse

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