Bug#931976: startpar: does testsuite of startpar actually test anything?

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Sun Jul 21 23:51:24 BST 2019

I have looked into this and, as Dmitry pointed out, there were a few
things amiss with the test suite.

1. There was the way the test script was being created on the fly. I
have addressed this by creating a standalone file in the testsuite

2. Multiple tests were being run, but this was not clear from the test
suite's output. It was reporting failure in one test and success in
another. I have addressed this by numbering the tests. From now one the
test suite will print "Test 1 failed...., Test 2 success..."

3. There was an error in the way startpar was handling command line
arguments, passed to it from the test suite. This has been fixed
upstream too.

In the next version of startpar, running "make check" will run the test
suite and print out test number and their status. As of this moment,
both tests pass on my system. I believe we can mark this bug as fixed
upstream, unless there are more concerns with the test suite checks.

- Jesse

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