Bug#932199: insserv: warning: could not find all dependencies for $portmap

Felix Zielcke fzielcke at z-51.de
Sat Jul 20 06:12:03 BST 2019

control: forcemerge 932199 932260

Am Donnerstag, den 18.07.2019, 12:44 +0000 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:

> control: forcemerge 932199 932266

I guess you actually meant #932260 which is my filed bug.
#932266 is an ITP.

> [...]

> By the way, lightdm seems (according to apt-file) to not provide
> /etc/insserv.conf.d/lightdm file. This is bug, I think.

So there should be another bug report filed against lightdm about this?

> This warning was introduced in upstream [ddd9d38] with following
> changelog:
>   - When an initscript contains a "$service" dependency which cannot
> be
>     resolved (ie $service does not expand or does not exist) insserv
>     will display a warning. The initscript is still added.
> Seems problem is that warning emitted not only for hard, but only for
> soft dependencies. Patch at bottom.
> Please check whether is solves all problems.

Now with todays apt upgrade and insserv 1.20.0-2 there were'nt any
warnins now at all from it.

Thanks for fixing!

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