Bug#932124: insserv: test suite does not work with installed binary

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Sat Jul 20 00:40:35 BST 2019

The assumption here, that the user can run "make check
insserv=/sbin/insserv" and have it run the testsuite against the
installed binary is correct. This does work.

The problem encountered in the bug report is an older version of insserv
is installed at /sbin/insserv. The older copy does not recognize all of
the flags current used in the testsuite which is why it is failing. If a
relatively newer version of insserv were installed, the testsuite would
work with it.

You can test this by running "make && cp insserv /tmp && make check

I think we can close this bug as the testsuite is working as expected,
the locally installed version of insserv is just too old to work with
the tests.

- Jesse

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