Bug#931977: startpar: uninitialized variable

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Wed Jul 17 23:41:05 BST 2019

I have added an initialization for the "tail" variable. I also make the
error more verbose and put in an exit() call in case we are unable to
allocate any memory. It's a bit crude, but I figure if we ever run into
a situation where we can't allocate a tiny structure, the system has
bigger issues to deal with.

In this case I don't think malloc(sizeof(*tail)) will work as that would
only allocate the size of the pointer rather than the full structure
(struct console). In principle, I agree malloc() is the cleaner
function, but I'm going to leave the original as it seems to be doing
the job without any problems.

This bug will be fixed upstream in 0.64.

- Jesse

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