elogind 241.3 proposed upload

Adam Borowski kilobyte at angband.pl
Tue Jul 9 05:35:37 BST 2019

On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 09:30:10PM +0100, Mark Hindley wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 09:03:46PM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > As testing migration is off for the time being, the oh-so-needed backport to
> > Buster is not yet possible, thus let's take your new version.
> Is it? How long for?

On Saturday it was said to last "a few days".  I don't remember such a
blockage before -- IIRC testing migration restarted hours after Stretch's
release.  I have no idea.

I just wanted to speed up the backport as much as possible -- as-is, Buster
is useless for GUI users.

> > There's a low-priority lintian warning about the watch file.
> Yes, I am not sure what to do about that. Ian Jackson added the watch file
> dmangle to work around dgit not liking submodules IIRC.

Actually, I just noticed that the "mangled" part is the +debian1 suffix in
the _Debian revision_ part -- a lintian false positive.

Lintian apparently assumes that +debian means the upstream tarball has been
repacked, but such a tag would happen inside the _upstream_ part (ie, before
the last dash).  Here, it means that Debian is a downstream, and the tag
lives in the _Debian revision_ part (after the dash).

So I'd add a lintian override.

> > This changelog entry sounds weird:
> >   [ Andreas Messer ]
> >   * Retire package maintenance
> > I initially parsed it as if he wanted to remove the package itself.  Reword?
> Done.
> I have also bumped the Standards Version to 4.4.0.


I see no other problems, and no explosions during testing -- should we
upload as-is?  If so, could you s/UNRELEASED/unstable/?

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