Bugs introduced in GNU/Hurd with the latest sysvinit packages.

Svante Signell svante.signell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 22:07:32 GMT 2019


we have some problems with the latest fixes of sysvinit for GNU/Hurd.

* Add initscript to save and restore backlight brightness (Closes: #746221)

Boot messages:
/etc/init.d/brightness Cannot create /sys/class/...

- Can you please make this script exit without doing anything on Hurd, /sys
does   not exist.

sysvinit: 2.93-4,5
* Make /run/shm symlink to /dev/shm, not other way around (Closes: #851427)

Boot messages:
mkdir: Cannot create directory /dev/shm: File exists

Mount point '/dev/shm' does not exist. Skipping mount.
touch: cannot touch '/dev/shm/.tmpfs': Too many levels of symbolic links.
Cleaning up temporary files... failed!
startpar: service(s) returned failure: checkroot-bootclean.sh mountall-
bootclean.sh mountnfs.sh ... failed!

/run/shm is created by the hurd package, causing a conflict with initscripts.
rgrep /run/shm /etc/hurd
/etc/hurd/rc:mkdir -p /run/lock /run/shm

dpkg -S /etc/hurd/rc
hurd: /etc/hurd/rc

- Either the creation of /run/shm in hurd should be removed or creation of the
symbolic link /run/shm in initscripts should be removed for Hurd.

/dev/shm is already a symbolic link to /run/shm:
file /dev/shm
/dev/shm: symbolic link to /run/shm
ls -l /dev/shm
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 8 Jan 20  2017 /dev/shm -> /run/shm

There are also problems cleaning out /tmp on a reboot as well as with tmpfs:

cat /proc/mounts
/dev/hd0s1 / ext2fs writable,no-inherit-dir-group,store-type=typed 0 0
/dev/hd0s3 /part2 /hurd/ext2fs writable,no-inherit-dir-group 0 0
/dev/hd0s2 /home /hurd/ext2fs writable,no-inherit-dir-group 0 0
proc /proc /hurd/procfs defaults 0 0
none /run /hurd/tmpfs writable,no-suid,no-exec,no-inherit-dir-group,no-
sync,size=309120K 0 0
none /run/lock /hurd/tmpfs writable,no-suid,no-exec,no-inherit-dir-group,no-
sync,size=5M 0 0
none /run/shm /hurd/tmpfs writable,no-suid,no-exec,no-inherit-dir-group,no-
sync,size=852120K 0 0

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